3rd Friday | August 15th, 2014 | 6-10PM | Five15  Arts | 515 E. Roosevelt Rd. | Phoenix, AZ 85004.  I am honored to be a part of the third annual “Five15 to the 5th” Group Exhibition. All of the Five15 members exhibit their work alongside five other artists they’ve each invited to participate. All the artwork is 12” x 12”, resulting in a diverse salon style exhibition with over sixty works of art.

Phoenix New Times | 100 Creatives 2014

I am happy to share this news; I made the 2014 100 Creatives List. Every other year,  Phoenix New Times’ Culture Blog Jackalope Ranch puts the spotlight on 100 of the city’s creative forces. This is a fun lead up to the release of the year’s Best of Phoenix issue.  I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email from the blog’s writer, Becky Bartkowski, indicating she wanted to include me this year.  I did a little research about the List and discovered there are quite a few Phoenix movers and shakers on it! I am pleased and honored to be in their company.


All little bit about Phoenix New Times: “Since its founding in 1970, New Times has kept the Valley of the Sun’s feet to the fire. Over the decades, the newspaper has attracted millions of readers who consider it an unparalleled source of information and insight, from politics and business to music and the arts. Hard-hitting investigative reports …have earned New Times a reputation for journalistic fearlessness. The paper continues its tradition of award-winning long-form journalism while covering daily happenings and pop culture in its Valley Fever (news), Up on the Sun (music), Jackalope Ranch (culture), and Chow Bella (food) blogs. The total package makes Phoenix New Times a must-read for anyone interested in taking the temperature of the nation’s fifth-largest city and its environs.”

I appreciate Nicole Royse’s support of my work. A local writer and curator in the greater Phoenix area, Nicole is making a name for herself in Phoenix. Re: Timescapes, I have had a wonderful experience during my first solo at eye lounge. Contrary to popular belief, there ARE a lot of art enthusiasts and supporters in Phoenix and it feels like this town is finally on the verge of getting to that next level in terms of arts and culture. I am pleased to be a member of eye lounge, a founding member gallery of Roosevelt Row. Next up for me, moving on to begin work for a new show of work in December; a collaboration in the project room with fellow artist and friend Cheryl Brandon. This is the last weekend to see Timescapes, if you are local to Phoenix, AZ, stop in tonight or tomorrow! The show comes down 7/13.



Constance McBride: The Lonely Girls, 2013

In this series, works depicting physical aging and a gendered issue surrounding dementia are engaged from a female point of view. Questions surrounding social responsibility are visited through an intimate look at a mother’s dilemma. My focus shifted to my mother after a few years of observing and caring for her while she navigated her days living with Alzheimer’s disease. My mother’s countenance emerges in the work through clay figures over a period of time and through multiplicity. By investigating concrete representations and creating situations that the viewer will identify with, I hope to engage the viewer in a deeper way.

I am honored to have my work included in Ceramics Now.